Good sheets. Emphasis on ‘good’.

We all gotta sleep at night. And we couldn’t if we knew our sheets were the reason people or the planet were suffering. The nice thing about owning a company (and managing the entire supply chain) is we have control over those details.

So we exercise that control in some (we think) pretty cool ways. For example, our manufacturing facility runs on 50% wind energy and discharges no contaminated water.

Environmental Impact

Organic cotton might seem like a meaningless detail. But it’s actually not. When you choose organic cotton sheets (vs. conventional cotton), here’s what else you’re choosing:

• 46% fewer greenhouse gas emissions

• 91% less water consumption

• 62% less energy consumption

• 26% less pollution in waterways

Social Impact

Our textiles are made under safe and fair working conditions, where labour rights are clearly outlined and respected. Among other things, this includes equal pay for equal work; safety training; and the right to organize. It also means our supply chain is free of child labour, forced labour and trafficked labour. Socially responsible manufacturing encompasses four pillars:

• Fundamental rights at work

• Employment and income opportunities

• Social protection and social security

• Social dialogue

Our Receipts

Here’s proof that we’re the real deal. The following organizations certify our manufacturing.

Empowering Women

Fabdreams is a proud supporter of the Jove Conscious Foundation. It’s an organization that empowers women from socially vulnerable backgrounds in India by providing skill-based training and employment opportunities. When you buy our products, a portion of profits help these women find financial independence.

Learn more about this amazing organization