Oh hi.
We’re Fabdreams.

We’re a Toronto-based company, run by a family that enjoys sleep. (Even though running a company means we probably sleep less than average people.)

Our Story

We started as an organic cotton sheets company—hence the ‘dreams’ part in our name—but we like textiles so much that we’re adding towels and duvets. We could rebrand, but we like our name, so we’re keeping it.

We got into this business because we want to make people’s days better, even if it’s just in a subtle way. Linens might not get huge PR, but we all know that feeling of crawling into soft sheets after a long day. Or wrapping ourselves in a thick, fluffy towel after a shower. It’s not newsworthy, but it’s a good feeling. And we want that for everyone.  

More than just comfort, we wanted to start a business that treats people and the planet with respect and dignity. It’s why we manage our entire supply chain to ensure workplaces that are healthy, fair and safe. To show our commitment, we have achieved certifications with OEKO-TEX, Global Organic Textile Standard and Better Cotton Initiative.

Here’s what’s important to us


From the materials we use to the processes we have in place to the end product that covers your bed, everything we do is organic.


We want our products to be well made, comfortable and durable. (If they aren’t, we’ll 1 ) fix it, and 2 ) be just as annoyed as you are—because we put a lot of effort into this.)


Who has money to throw away? Not us. And we’re guessing you don’t either. It’s why we sell our sheets online; it cuts out the (expensive) middleman.


To us, there’s no point in making good stuff if it’s causing harm. So we make sure our supply chain is environmentally and socially responsible.